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A dream within a dream

Happiness is the essence of life...

28 December
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*A passion for fashion
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*Preppy to the core.
*I'm rarely found with out my polos and pearls.
*I went friends only recently, but that doesn't mean i won't add you! just leave a comment.
*i love making new friends!
*I go to marist college in poughkeepsie new york where i am majoring in in communications with a concentration in advertising and minoring in fashion merchandising.
*I love all things related to fashion and my friends will tell you that I am without a doubt one of the girliest people they know.
*I'm also one of the preppiest.
*I graduated from Dublin School in Dublin New Hampshire which i kind of really miss.
*I also miss new hampshire in general.
*I'm a huge homebody.
*I love my friends as if they were part of my family and think that they are some of the coolest people i have ever met.
*I'll talk to mostly anyone and add mostly anyone as a friend as long as they don't seem creepy or anything.
*When people first meet me they often think that i don't talk.
*Once they get to know me and find out i am kinda crazy, but odds are they love me anyway.